Naruto-Lessons to be learnt.

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Naruto is one of my personal best anime.Life will never be the same after you watch this.It changes your perspective of life,goal,friendship,family etc.




SASUKE-He taught me that revenge is not the answer for anything.The path of hatred is never-ending and forms a loop,hatred leads to more hatred and not peace.

SAKURA-She taught me that not born with any talent is not our mistake,but not working hard towards your goal is.We should never compare ourselves with others because if we do,we are insulting ourselves.One should work hard consistently towards achieving ones goal.

KAKASHI-He taught me that “Those who break the rules are scum,but those who abandon their friends are worse than scum” .He’s one of the coolest teacher as well as the unluckiest  fellow in the whole series.No matter how hard life hits at you,there’s always hope.

ITACHI-He’s a legend in all aspects and by all means.I learnt from him that one should always be ready to sacrifice his own life for the greater good(easy to say).

GUY/ROCK LEE-They taught me that believing in oneself and hard work alone can transform ones dream into reality.Both of them have shown their true strength when we least expected.

PAIN-Pain changes one.A person who felt pain will never be the same.When we lose someone precious to us, we curse the whole world but at the same time we grow upon it.A person can understand others only if he/she had gone though the same pain .So,does that mean pain is the path to peace??In the whole of series there are many thought provoking questions like this.

HINATA-She taught me that i should love a person and protect her from any harm even at the cost of my own life.But at the same time,i should work hard and become worthy of her love.

NARUTO-He taught me that no matter what happens,never ever give up!!.Having a dream and working hard towards that goal can be fun. When a person truly loves someone ,they become as strong as they can be to protect them.


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The most interesting thing which differentiates Naruto from other anime’s is the thing that they showcased what circumstances makes a person take the evil path.No one is born evil.There are certain events in everyone’s life that changes them.Some events make us lose hope in life while others make us learn our mistakes and serve as motivation.For those who are yet to watch,Naruto is worth the time and am sure you won’t regret watching it.



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